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Dear Fellow Hypnotherapist,

Why do 10% of all hypnotists get 90% of all clients?

The truth is, most hypnotists are really good at helping people change their lives, but... they often struggle to get all the clients they truly deserve, no matter how good of a job they do!

If you're just starting out in the hypnotherapy business, or are looking to grow your practice to a whole new level, chances are you want to know how you can:

  • Get clients and prospects to come to you and not have to beg your family or friends for business...
  • Have your appointment book filled weeks, if not months in advance...
  • Eliminate stress and not have to worry about where your next client will come from...
  • Help people without feeling guilty when they give you money...
  • Build a successful practice that lets you take time off, choose your own schedule, and focus on the things are most important in your life...
  • Get clients to refer you business without appearing pushy or turning them off...

That's why I've interviewed 10 of the most successful, leading hypnotherapists in the World today so they could share their secrets on... how they get the best hypnotherapy clients... more often... and at higher rates!

So what's the catch? Why am I offering you this information-packed arsenal of business-building secrets (a $632 value) absolutely FREE?

Well, to be honest, this is a totally "shameless bribe" on my part. You see, I've just created a brand new system designed to help hypnotherapists just like you to really IGNITE their businesses... so they can get more clients, make more money and focus on what they really love best... and I'm giving away these eight life-changing interviews for Free just so you'll try out my system for yourself and say "maybe"! (In fact, I'm so sure this system will boost your business that I'm going to offer you a special and most unusual guarantee...)

But before I tell you all about my new system, let me first describe in more details everything you'll get in your Free Gift...

Meet The 10 Hypno-Marketing Wonders Of The World!

Shane Morgan Mp3

Master Interview #1:

Tom Nicoli Reveals... The Secrets That Brought Him From Bankrupt... To Big Bucks!

A FREE 47-minute MP3 Download from
Master Hypnotherapist Tom Nicoli

Tom Nicoli has only been involved in hypnotherapy for 10 years, but has experienced incredible success in this brief time. Tom won the National Guild of Hypnotists' prestigious Ormond Mcgill Award in 2008 for the best presenter of the year (as voted on by members). The National Guild of Hypnotists Journal of Hypnotism even honored Tom with a cover story and photo feature. Tom has been featured on Dateline NBC and in Shape Magazine.

Listen in as Tom shares the exact marketing secrets that led him from an 8' X 8' office... to a World-Class Empire that spans four websites and helped him do well over 2,000 personal hypnotherapy sessions in a single year!

Here's what Tom's going to share with you...

  • What the Top 10% of all hypnotherapists know that the rest miss out on.
  • What 1 thing you should do incessantly when you begin (the answer may surprise you...)
  • How to make it in this business... even if you have NO money and even if you've already gone bankrupt!
  • Discover the single most profitable piece of advertising Tom has ever used.
  • How to not spend a single dime on advertising and get all the clients you want! Sounds "too good to be true"? Not quite. Listen in as Tom shares this Million-Dollar secret.
  • The "crucial" mistake most people make in terms of referrals. Why most people are NOT automatically going to refer you even if you're the best hypnotherapist in the World! Discover how to seamlessly get more referrals than you can handle... easier than ever before!
  • How to structure your website for maximal results.
  • Discover Tom's "hidden" strategy on how he made $300,000 in just 6 weeks... with almost NO effort!
  • The Truth about certifications and whether you need them or not...
  • Plus, much, much more...

Master Interview #2:

Steve Roehm Reveals... How To Build Your Business Just From Referrals!

A FREE 33-minute MP3 Download from
Master Hypnotherapist Steve Roehm

Steve Roehm is one of only 32 Certified IACT Master Trainers in the World. He has helped many people, including award-winning songwriters and PGA professionals.

Listen in and discover...

  • The EXACT system Steve used to build a super successful business almost completely from referrals!
  • How to prosper in your business even if you're just a "one-man" operation.
  • How often to contact your clients to make sure they're still on track (too often and you appear needy... too little and you appear not to care.)
  • How to take advantage of the hidden opportunities in the current economy and help out the people that need your help the most... all while growing your business!
  • How to use Facebook to get more clients... for free!
  • What pitfalls you need to avoid like the plague in order to survive in this business...

Master Interview #3:

Richard Nongard Reveals... How To Use Your Personality To Magically Attract Clients!

A FREE 26-minute MP3 Download from
Master Hypnotherapist Richard Nongard

Richard Nongard is the recipient of the 2007 National Guild of Hypnotist's "Hypnotism Achievement Award" and the 2008 recipient of the ICBCH's "Instructional Hypnosis Video of the Year" award. Richard is the author of more than 11 books and 20 DVDs and has more than 2,888 subscribers and 73,962 channel views on YouTube!

Here's a glimpse of the "insider" secrets Richard will share with you...

  • The single most outrageous piece of marketing Richard ever used to get more business.
  • How to effectively use your personality in your marketing in order to grow your hypnotherapy business and get more clients.
  • Discover first-hand why you CAN'T be dependent on just one stream of revenue, especially in a recession. You'll learn about additional income streams you can add to your practice today to "recession-proof" your success.
  • How to become an expert at "relationship marketing".
  • How to automatically generate leads faster and easier than you ever thought possible!
  • What one thing you should ALWAYS have on your website... but few people do.
  • The #1 thing newcomers need to avoid in order to be a successful hypnotherapist.

Master Interview #4:

Debbie Lane Reveals... How To Use Publicity To Build Your Business!

A FREE 19-minute MP3 Download from
Master Hypnotherapist Debbie Lane

Debbie Lane was selected as the 2007 International Hypnotist Of The Year and had been featured on countless TV shows, radio stations and international papers.

Listen to Debbie as she shares...

  • What simple trick she used to make INTERNATIONAL headlines and get massive publicity.
  • How to free up your time and work from the comfort of your own home... without distractions, at your own schedule, and on your own terms!
  • What 2 things you need to do to ensure you keep getting FREE publicity.
  • The one simple strategy Debbie suggests to get more business and help out people suffering from today's economy...
  • How to keep track of trends and use them to your advantage in order to grow your business.
  • How to cut the waste from your advertising and avoid pesky salesmen that will try to sell you just about any and every type of advertising that doesn't work... just to make a buck!
  • Plus, much, much more...

Master Interview #5:

Nicola Dexter Reveals... How To Use The Internet To Get
Tons Of Clients!

A FREE 30-minute MP3 Download from
Master Hypnotherapist Nicola Dexter

Nicola Dexter has a very distinguished credentials list: she has more than 14 different diplomas and certifications and is a member of 3 prestigious hypnotherapy associations.

Listen in and discover...

  • The secret to getting the most out of your online advertising campaigns... including Google!

  • The almost X-Rated hypnosis session that got everybody talking about Nicola... including the media! (You may want to shield your ears on this one!)
  • Why 80% of business comes from 20% of the clients and how you can "target" in on the best & most profitable ones.
  • How to quickly adapt in this ever-changing "online" world.
  • How to place an appropriate value on yourself and your time and NOT be intimidated by what everybody else in your area is charging.
  • The #1 marauder to look out if you really want to grow your business.
  • How often to change the testimonials on your website to ensure maximum effectiveness and believability.

Master Interview #6:

Cindy Locher Reveals... How To "Think Outside The Box" For Greater Marketing Results!

A FREE 31-minute MP3 Download from
Master Hypnotherapist Cindy Locher

Cindy Locher is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotherapists. She has more than 5 audio recordings to her credit and was recently interviewed by French Vogue Magazine.

Listen in as Cindy share her greatest marketing secrets...

  • How to get over 35,000 brochures sent with your name on it ... WITHOUT paying a single dime! (NOTE: this advanced technique is known and used by fewer than 1% of all hypnotherapists in the World).
  • The tragic event that changed her life forever...
  • Discover how a "glittery hypnotist hat" can bring you a flood of fresh, new clients.
  • How to use teleseminars the RIGHT way to boost your business... (You'll learn why every hypnotherapist should be using teleseminars in their business and how you'll get a distinct advantage over your competitors if you do).
  • What the Power of Systems can do for your practice.
  • How to use online articles to skyrocket your business success and boost your credibility.
  • Why many hypnotherapists fail within the first 2 months in business and how you can avoid the same fate.
  • The ONE thing Cindy would have done differently if she was starting over again and how you can profit from her mistake.
  • How to Use Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and Blogs in your marketing to build a better relationship with your clients.
  • How to quickly determine which clients are NOT worth taking... since they will just be wasting their time, and yours.

Master Interview #7:

Igor Ledochowski Reveals... How To "Sell" Your Services Without Being A Salesman!

A FREE 31-minute MP3 Download from
Master Hypnotherapist Igor Ledochowski

Igor Ledochowski is a master hypnotist of international acclaim and has written the No.1 best selling hypnosis course in the World. He is the author of over 20 Audio Masterclass Programmes on advanced hypnosis and has personally trained under the direction of famed NLP co-founder Richard Bandler.

Listen closely as Igor shares some of his most powerful marketing secrets with you. You'll discover:

  • How to "sell" your services effectively without being pushy (an essential skill for any hypnotherapist interested in building a thriving practice needs to develop).
  • Discover the power of "jumping on a moment" and how Igor needed 2 car trips just to bring all the money he made from one event to his home once he discovered this principle!
  • What "type" of clients pay the best and how to focus in on them.
  • How to stop wishing for success and actually start living it!
  • The secret key to truly understanding your clients and unlocking your practice's potential.
  • Discover the BIG mistake Igor made when first starting out that nearly cost him him business... and find out how he learned to finally put a pipeline of clients and profits in his bank account and how you can too.
  • One nifty little secret that could easily add an extra $500-$1,000 to your business in just a couple of days!
  • How to tap into the full power of viral marketing so that clients will actually go out of their way to tell everybody they know all about you!
  • The secret to staying focused and on track for long-term success.

Master Interview #8:

Rosa Smith-Montanaro Reveals... The 9 Ways To Fill Your Client Pipeline!

A FREE 40-minute MP3 Download from
Master Hypnotherapist Rosa Smith-Montanaro

Rosa Smith-Montanaro is a certified Success Coach and author and has endorsed by Brian Tracy. She is certified at the Master level in Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP), Thought Field TherapyTM (TFT), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Herbal Specialist and Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology.

Listen to Rosa as she "opens the vault" and shares...

  • How to stay away from stage hypnosis... and prosper!
  • Why establishing yourself as an expert is important and how to do it in a proven, fast & effective way.
  • The exact steps she took to grew her business from just being a simple "weight loss" practice... to a a fully comprehensive, more successful business.
  • How to "re-invent" yourself in the face of adversity... find your niche... and unlock massive wealth!
  • The secret to getting paid the rate you deserve.
  • Why she STOPPED advertising in the Yellow Pages and why you might be throwing away your money too!
  • How to use time as your ally and make sure your prospects turn to YOU even if they only decide to see a hypnotherapist 3 years later!
  • Why and how often you should be emailing your clients...
  • Discover how you can turn common hypnosis myths... into big, golden client-getting opportunities...
  • Learn the exact same business model Rosa has used diligently to propel her to phenomenal success!
  • The 9 different ways to fill your pipeline... even if some clients are too embarrassed to give you referrals!
  • The best way to transition from a part-time business into a full-time, profitable practice.

  • Plus much, much, more...

          Taylor                      Josh

Master Interview #9:

Josh Houghton & Taylor Sherman Reveal... The Secrets Behind "Street Smart" Marketing!

A FREE 77-minute MP3 Download from
Master Hypnotherapists Josh Houghton & Taylor Sherman

Josh Houghton has been a Certified Hypnotist since the age of 21 and now has over 7 years of experience and knowledge under his belt. Josh is a well-respected speaker & author his "What's On My Brain" blog is currently ranked as one of the Top 5 hypnotist blog by Google (based on search engine results for "hypnotist blog" keyword).

Taylor Sherman has instructed over 20 events and seminars on topics such as instant inductions, language patterns, influence, rapport, the field of NLP, tonality, inner game, and other high-profile hypnosis topics... all at the age of 24. Taylor currently charges up to $3,997 plus airfare, hotel and expenses for a single live, in-person workshop.

Listen to Josh & Taylor as they share...

  • How to use your "street smarts" to get on TV for FREE... and have your most profitable month ever!
  • How to work smart, not hard to build your business.
  • The secrets to using "direct response marketing" effectively and how to make the most of single advertising dollar.
  • How to use self-hypnosis to spark up your practice's success!
  • The simple 3-step system proven to generate referrals consistently time and time again.
  • Why leaving your business cards in the bathroom just plain stinks... and how to use them in a much more "clean" and effectively way!
  • How to instantly improve the quality and number of testimonials you have by simply using a cheap piece of technology that you probably already have!
  • Discover whether or not you should be using controversial "incentivized referrals".
  • Discover the sneaky little technique pharmaceutical reps use all the time to get loads of new business... and find out how you can "steal" this technique to fill up your office!
  • How to get Doctors to send clients to you... even if they don't respect hypnotists... and even if they've never even met you!
  • The secret to getting traffic from Google for half the price!
  • How to leverage your skills and create lasting value using the TOP 2 social media (and it's NOT Twitter and Facebook!)
  • The one trick to use to make sure your mail gets opened.
  • How to shake off damaging money beliefs and help more people without feeling guilty about taking their money.
  • Why clients get more out of their hypnotherapy session when the pay more.
  • Why 77% of small hypnotherapy businesses fail.


NOTE: The information contained within these interviews is strictly confidential and is NOT available in any store, website or anywhere else.

These were interviews that I personally conducted and you will be one of the first people lucky enough to ever hear many of these "insider" secrets.

"Get Instant Access To Your FREE Copy Of These Master Hypnosis Marketing Secrets Here..."

Like I said, You'll get all 9 interviews Absolutely FREE just for testing out my system. You can conveniently listen to these MP3s on your commute ride... or while training at the gym. Plus, I'm also going to give you the full 145-Page PDF TRANSCRIPT of all these interviews for free as well so you can read them anytime you like!

Quite frankly, there isn't a better way to improve your business than by learning from people who have done it before. And what better way than to learn directly from the best of the best!

Just one of these insights could make the difference in your business...

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"New Hypnosis Marketing Success System Puts Clients In Your Appointment Book... Almost Automatically... So You'll Never Be Worried About Finding Clients Again!"

"I Haven't Come Across Anyone Else Doing This...."

"I have been on Facebook for several years and have never thought about using it for promotion purposes.

I'm not an expert with computers but found your explanations of how to set up both Facebook and Twitter easy to understand and by following your step by step instructions, easy to set up.

I haven't come across anyone else doing this and for people like myself who use computers but are not experts you have made it straight forward to understand, set up and use.

Thanks Andrew for a neat system."

Paddy Bergin
NLP Coach and Trainer
London, UK

Are you totally satisfied with the current amount of clients you get? Is every slot in your appointment book always filled with desirable customers who pay you the rates you truly deserve? If so, then please ignore what I've said so far and the offer I'm about to make.

However, if you are somewhat frustrated with the amount or quality of business that you get... and you want to build a more successful hypnotherapy practice... then this will be the most important letter you will ever read.

Here's why: I have put together a complete, step-by-step, proven system that will help you market your hypnotherapy services more effectively, make more money and get more clients... easily and almost "automatically"!

I've spent close to 3 years and over $15,000 of my own money developing and "fine-tuning" my unique system . I ferociously devoured every marketing book (well over a 100), audio CD and seminar I could get my hands on... all in a quest to build to build the most successful hypnotherapy business I could!

In fact, I spent $2,997 plus taxes on a single marketing seminar!

I've sorted through all the clutter for you and I've pulled out only the most effective, profitable parts and... now I've assembled it all together in The Most Comprehensive Marketing System Available to Hypnotherapists in the World Today!

Here are some of the biggest benefits of my system:

You no longer need to worry about where your next client is coming from... because you know my system will bring you a steady stream of clients... just like magic!

You'll discover how to "target" and attract the really good and desirable clients that want to be helped and value your services.

You'll find out the right way to handle incoming calls to practically guarantee a new appointment. NOTE: This single trick could increase your appointment bookings by up to 150%!
You'll discover why other hypnotherapists in your area are NOT in competition with you... and you'll actually learn how to partner up with them so you both win!
You'll be able to "Name Your Own Price" and charge premium rates... even if you're just starting out, have little or no experience, and even if other hypnotists in your area are charging less than you!
You'll have the total freedom to focus on what's really important to you... and help more people change their lives!


Since I started implementing these marketing strategies in my own business...

"I've Received A Flock Of Great, New, High-Paying Clients... I've Traveled The World... And... I Even Bought Myself A Brand New Baby Grand Piano!"

Nothing sounds quite like a Baby Grand. What does your dream sound, feel or look like?

When I first started out in the hypnotherapy business, I set myself a goal to buy an upright piano with the money I made. The way things were going before I started using my system, I figured it would take me 5 years just to buy a crummy keyboard!

Little did I know that I'd be able to purchase my dream piano, a Baby Grand, in such a short time!

But, as soon as I started putting all the marketing tricks I had discovered into use, my client base grew bigger and bigger... and I actually made enough money to buy my dream piano in less than a year!

But that's not all...

You see, for me money isn't and will never be the most important thing. Yes, of course I realize it's important and that's what let me buy my piano, but, what I really value the most is the confidence to know that I can easily get new clients now... whenever I need to!

Because of that knowledge I've been able to travel the World and actually pay for my exotic trips through my clients! For example, earlier this year in January I went to Japan and actually paid for my whole trip just by giving a few hypnotherapy session while I was there!

You see...

"Once You Follow A Proven Marketing System Like Mine, You No Longer Need To Worry About Where Your Next Client Will Come From!"

Let's face it. For most of us hypnotherapists, our true passion really lies in helping other people improve their lives. There's nothing quite like the thrill of hearing how one of your sessions really made a difference in someone's life. I don't know about you, but that's what I wanted to spend most of my time doing...

So I decided to put together my complete system in a step-by-step way so you could stop worrying too!

What I ended up with was... the most comprehensive marketing system available to hypnotherapists in the World today.

If you get your hands on my unique system, you'll be to able enjoy the freedom & flexibility of knowing that your appointment book will be booked months in advance... you'll get the financial freedom that will allow you to live the life of your dreams... and, above all else, you'll get the real peace of mind that comes only to those who run a truly successful & fulfilling hypnotherapy practice.

My unique system has left no stone unturned and was designed to cover all aspects you NEED to know about in order to run a smooth-running, profitable hypnotherapy business.

Here are the 10 different components that make up my comprehensive system:

Hypnotist Marketing Success Component #1

How To Ignite Your Hypnotherapy Business


This is the starting point. In this eBook you will learn many important secrets that you can put to use immediately to start growing your business. It is full of useful exercises to help guide you every step of the way.

Here's what I'll show you...

The powerful, life-transforming technique that 99.9% of ALL Hypnotists have never heard of , but that you can use to SKYROCKET your Success!
The 6 guaranteed ways to generate more FREE "word-of-mouth" referrals than you can ever handle. (NOTE: This is a good problem to have!)
The #1 secret to a successful handshake. (This one change can as much as DOUBLE your business...)
My 14-Step Personal Image Checklist to make sure you're not repelling your clients without even knowing it!
How to drastically increase your number of clients... even if you HATE sales & marketing!
How and when to use video effectively in your office.
The simple way to get an excellent website that attracts clients like starving dogs on a piece of meat!
Discover the funny-sounding Hawaiian technique that works like magic...
The 10 things to include in your advertising (all your advertising: yellow-pages, online ads, flyers, etc.)
The #1 mistake nearly all hypnotherapists make when it comes to their pricing.

Hypnotist Marketing Success Component #2

How To Advertise Your Hypnotherapy Business

22 -Page INSTANT ACCESS Workbook

Here's a workbook full of pages to help you write the best possible ads for your business.

I'll show you...

How to Generate Great Headlines that Get Results!
The 14 components you need to have in your advertisements to get the best possible response.
How to properly differentiate yourself from your competitors so you get more clients...
The 7 Ways to attract more business today.
The 10 ways to use words to "cast a spell" on your prospects so that they'll read every single word of your ad!
The 8 most successful words to use in your headlines.

  • Hypnotist Marketing Success Component #3

    How To Promote Your Hypnotist Business With Facebook & Twitter!

    22 -Page INSTANT ACCESS Report

    Online social media is all the rage today: are you taking full advantage of this powerful new way to do business?

Here's what I'll show you...

How to quickly and easily set up your Facebook and Twitter accounts the right way... right from the start!
How to easily locate hundreds if not thousands of new people who need your services.
The 6 Absolute Best Ways to advertise on Twitter.
How to use Twitter and Facebook effectively so you don't waste a lot of your time!
Discover the most profitable times to "tweet" (you may be surprised...)
What you absolutely need to know before you upload any of your personal photos online!

Hypnotist Marketing Success Component #4

How To Write Advertising For Your Hypnotherapy Business

48 -Page INSTANT ACCESS Report

Marketing is the life blood and oxygen of your business. Learn how to write effective ads... right from the start!

I'll show you...

The 5 Core Principles you should ALWAYS follow when doing your marketing (if you want to be successful, that is!)
How to properly "time" the market and understand trends that are going on around you.
The 9 GUARANTEED ways to write your ad so that it will repel everyone. (Hint: you might not want to write your ad that way...)
The easy 7-step formula to writing an ad that gets clients every single time!
10 actual examples of successful hypnotherapy headlines that you can start using today!
How to identify profitable niche markets that let you raise your price and get better clients.
What to AVOID at all costs when advertising yourself (WARNING: ignore at your own risk...)
How to put everything together, including all the details such as what font size to use in your ads, how often to contact your clients and much much more!

Hypnotist Marketing Success Component #5

The Hypnosis Business "Health Check" Guide

48 -Page INSTANT ACCESS Report

Quickly discover how healthy your business really is... in 15 minutes or less.

Here's what I'll show you...

The 22 different strategies to attract new clients when your business needs a boost.
How to use your own "custom score" to keep on track. This score keeps track of how well you are attracting new clients, how much money clients are spending, and how often clients come back. Max score equals 50, Where do you rank?
The 6 strategies to keep your customers coming back for more so they can fully solve their problems (only if they really need it , of course!)
How to quickly identify what you are doing wrong in your marketing and how to change it for fast results.

Hypnotist Marketing Success Component #6

Know And Understand Your Client

32 -Page INSTANT ACCESS Workbook

Unless you really understand your client, it will be very difficult for you to know how to attract more of them...

Here's what I'll show you...

Discover the 6 pieces of client information that you NEED to collect in order to fully understand your market (otherwise you are leaving a LOT of money & business on the table.)
How to properly use client history forms to gleam insights into your market.
The 21-Questions to ask in order to exploit business opportunities in your local population.
Actual short and long-form client forms that you can use today that are specifically designed to extract useful information...

Hypnotist Marketing Success Component #7

The Successful Hypnotist's Marketing Diary

41 -Page INSTANT ACCESS Workbook

Keeping track of your results is important. Learn to keep track of all your marketing successes like a pro in this handy diary.

Here's what you'll learn...

How to keep track of your marketing campaign's Return on Investment (ROI) so that they can be more profitable.
How to keep convenient lists to remind you when to follow-up with prospective clients... so you never lose another client again!
How to keep track of competing businesses so you can stay light years ahead and keep your appointment book full.
The secret to staying ahead in the marketing game.
How to use email to easily & effortlessly keep your business on track.

Hypnotist Marketing Success Component #8

Marketing Secrets For Hypnotists


How I went from hating marketing... to discovering all the most important secrets that skyrocketed my success... even with practically no budget!

Here's what I'll show you...

Discover the 3 most important reasons my hypnotherapy business thrived and learn how you can use these same strategies too!

What you can do so your marketing efforts stand out in the crowd and get noticed in the sea of advertisements that bombards people every day!

The secret to why your marketing is at its best when you "sell to a friend".
Discover what your marketing says about who you are and how to make sure you're sending the right message.
How to set up a proper marketing PLAN that puts clients in your office...
Examples of full classified ads that you can use to get all the business you want.
The 1 secret most hypnotherapists forget to include in their advertising... which is also why MOST of their advertising fails!
How to properly use your business card in your marketing efforts.
How to "hypnotize" the Business World into giving you more business!
The key to NOT ever discounting and why you're actually doing your clients and yourself more harm than good by lowering your prices.

Hypnotist Marketing Success Component #9

How To Prepare Yourself For Massive Success

41 -Page INSTANT ACCESS Workbook

Success in your business comes down to a plan. Are you fully prepared for the life-changing success that could be yours shortly?

Here's what I'll teach you...

The 32 best burning questions to answer in order to fully prepare yourself for massive success!
How to budget your money so you won't run out of cash and won't have to go back to a job you hate!
How to build a fully-functional marketing plan that will naturally & gradually guide you to higher levels of success.
How to understand, and deal with, the risks involved in owning your own hypnotherapy business.

Hypnotist Marketing Success Component #10

How To Fully Understand Your Client


This report gives you full resources on where to find useful information on your target market.

Here's what I'll show you...

The 3 great resources that will help you discover important statistics about your local area...
Discover the specific triggers that make your clients respond.
Learn the #1 mistake people make in terms of getting new clients (you might be making this mistake on a daily basis...)
How to quickly and easily set up a survey to learn more about your prospects.
Learn when, how and why your clients want your hypnotherapy services... so that you can market more effectively... and get more clients!

"Here's Everything You'll Get In My Hypnotist Marketing Success System..."

You'll get:

  • 4 Great PDF Reports -- I have personally written each one of these reports and I share only the best & most useful marketing secrets and techniques I have learned over the past years. (A $154 Value)
  • 4 Full Workbooks (PDF) -- You'll actually be able to "work out" marketing plans, advertisements and complete marketing strategies within these easy-to-use workbooks! (A $188 Value)
  • 2 Fundamental eBooks (PDF) -- These 2 complete eBooks ("How To Ignite Your Hypnotherapy Business" and "Marketing Secrets for Hypnotists") are the foundation for my whole marketing system and you'll get the whole picture ny reading these books. The information contained within these two eBooks alone will put you Light Years Ahead of 99% of all other hypnotists! (A $194 Value)
  • 9 Bonus "Master" Interviews (MP3) -- You'll get over 5 hours of audio interviews with 10 of the World's top hypnotherapists... including a full 145-page interview transcription eBook... YOURS TO KEEP whether you decide to keep my system or not! (A $632 Value)

All told that's a combined value of $1,168.

However, for a limited time, you can get this whole system for only $297 $97!

And remember, you'll get to keep the full collection of Master Hypnosis Marketing Secrets Interviews - a $632 value - absolutely FREE, whether you decide to keep my marketing system or not!

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The truth is, I have spent over $15,000 and 2,500+ hours to acquire all these great marketing secrets. Not to mention all the time it took me to assemble all these materials - 9 interviews, 4 reports, 4 workbooks, 2 complete eBooks and 1 transcript. At $97 I believe that this is a real "bargain of a lifetime" and I just can't justify charging so low for it forever.... especially when people find out for themselves just how valuable this system truly is.

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Andrew Wilkie
Me enjoying a beer in Munich, Germany, just one of the many travels I've been able to take lately :-)

Happy Travels,

Andrew Wilkie
Fellow Hypnotherapist & Master NLP Practitioner
Creator, "Hypnosis Marketing Secrets"


P.S. Don't forget that my complete audio interviews with the 10 Master Marketer Hypnotists is yours to keep FREE - no matter what. You'll get over 5 hours of the raw, business-building, profit-improving secrets that have made these 10 hypnotherapists millions of dollars over the years as well as thousands of clients. And if you think nothing they say will apply to you because you're just starting out or you have a small business, consider this:

Every single one of these Masters started out small, doing personal one-on-one consultations...

In fact, Tom Nicoli shares with you the exact secrets he personally used to start from scratch with no money or no clients... to getting well over 2,000 private hypnotherapy sessions with clients in a single year! So this information will be useful to you regardless of how small... or how or big, your current business is!


P.P.S. Just so you know, I'm no rocket scientist!

So that means that almost every single technique that I'm about to share with you is simple and straight-forward. This system is super easy to follow and even easier to implement. In fact, I'd be shocked if this system didn't at least pay for itself (or more) within the very first week you use it. That's why I personally Guarantee my system for a full, unusual 60 days.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Let's face it. As a general rule, us hypnotists are a different breed than marketers. And if your certification training was anything like mine, you received practically no real-life, usable marketing strategies or know-how.

When I first started out I thought scores of people would just suddenly show up at my door and knock... Wrong! Unfortunately it just doesn't work that way.

That's why you need a system.

I have gone through all the experimentation and guess-work to find out what works and what doesn't... so you don't have to. This system will instantly fast-track your practice like nothing else will. The secret to a successful hypnotherapy business is quite simple really and can be boiled down to just 3 simple steps:

1. Imagine the ideal lifestyle and business you truly want and desire

2. Get a hold of a system that shows you exactly what to do, from someone who has accomplished exactly what you want to achieve

3. Follow this system faithfully and watch as your dreams manifest into reality! Now that's what I call modern-day alchemy!

Grab a copy of my life-transforming system today before all the copies get snatched up!



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